Yori, or Hitomi


Yori, called by the people around her but Hitomi by her mother, she always learned to be a servant. Although, she behaved herself most often as a lady should, she still had her moments of pure stubborn anger. Yori, curbed it with a few stern lessons by her masters.

She learned as a courtesan she had a bit more freedom. She could read, write, learn poetry, do art. So she continued the training. She picked up more from her mother about Feng Shui. From time to time she would hear the stories passed down of where they were from. She’d attempt to commit the old stories to memory. The last thing she did was learn Wu Tsain. She was determined to protect herself. To many times had someone decided that since she was a slave they could take what they wanted from her. However without her masters permission. She learned to subtly take care of herself while looking as innocent as possible.

Her goal, to be free. She’s loyal enough to friends, but she wants freedom so intensely she can taste it. She would leave Shikirazan and never look back. When that day comes she’ll take on her true birth name. Until then she really doesn’t care what anyone calls her. As long as it’s not slave.

Yori, or Hitomi

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