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Our story begins with a lone Shaikirizan 5th rate Frigate, her rudder broken in the heaving sea that followed The Drowning but patched together by the ship’s carpenter and his apprentice. The apprentice was lost overboard in the effort, but the ship and a little more than half her crew managed to limp into the port at Skari.

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A little background

Seas of Vengence is a campaign that went off-track at the very beginning. It was never intended to include a Shaikirizan Navy Captain as a character, but “Uh, no, that was never part of the plan.” seemed to be an incredibly weak reason for disallowing a great character.

The world of Seas of Vengence is roughly earth-sized, but contained only one continent that just sank. The ocean(s) still roil with the tsunami and the age-old power structure is in a complete shambles. Those who had been slaves and vassals find themselves free, those who strode the world as the entitled, find themselves homeless and hunted.

It’s a brand new world…

The rest of the wiki is broken down this way:

  1. The Characters
  2. The Races
  3. The Islands
  4. The Ships
  5. The Schools – The schools we’ve invented
  6. Crunchy Stuff – All the house rules we use

Full disclosure

To give credit where credit is due, the original idea for The Seas of Vengence goes back several years to an abortive play-by-IM game poppocaba and I worked out. The idea of a Steampunk setting and a campaign that involved a sunken empire was his. When that game came crashing down, I stewed on the idea for a few years. This is where our original idea ended up in my hands.

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